Student Opportunities

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Appalachian State University Psychology Clinic is currently accepting applications for our Undergraduate Internship Program. Undergraduate psychology majors who are interested in working with us may apply by completing an Undergraduate Internship Application (DOC). Student interns become members of our clinical team and assist with various aspects of Clinic operations, such as administering phone screenings to potential clients, attending weekly staff meetings and case presentations, and other tasks to assist the clinicians. 

Students completing the Clinic internship are expected to devote 8 hours per week (equivalent to 3 credit hours) to working at the Clinic. These 8 hours typically include attending team staff meeting (Monday or Wednesday 9am-11am) and the remaining 6 hours split across two days between 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday. Applications for the Fall semester are due by February 15th, and applications for the Spring semester are due by September 15th. We do not currently offer summer internships. 

If you are interested and would like additional information on the Undergraduate Internship Program at the Appalachian State University Psychology Clinic, please read the internship description.


Graduate Student Training Opportunities

The Appalachian State University Psychology Clinic is a training clinic for masters and doctoral-level practitioners-in-training. We can supervise and offer training to graduate students from Appalachian State University's Department of  Psychology in the Clinical Psychology and School Psychology programs and the Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling and Social Work programs. Trainees may provide therapeutic services to individuals from the university and surrounding community, ranging in age from young childhood through older adulthood. Formal assessment opportunities are available to trainees who have received extensive assessment training, including at least one semester-long course in the provision of standardized assessment and report writing that involved supervised administration of standardized assessments. 

Applications are due by March 5th for the upcoming Fall semester.

Application Materials:

Graduate Training Application

Graduate Training Application Reference Form


Applicants should make certain to submit an email copy and contact the Clinical Director (Dr. Jacqueline Hersh) to verify the application has been received. Applicants are requested to please print a copy of the completed application for personal records and possible submission should there be a problem with the original email submission.

All inquiries, correspondence, and application materials for all training experiences should be directed to:

Jacqueline Hersh, Ph.D.

ASU Psychology Clinic

Appalachian State University

ASU Box 32157

Boone, NC 28608